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watchtheworld-Welcome to version 2


is changing.




Welcome to version 2

Hello there. By the look of things you may have already noticed watchtheworld is changing. It says so under the title, duh. For the past two years since I've owned this domain, and a few more before that while I was hosting on friends' servers, I never really had a concrete idea about what I wanted to do about this space. It was mainly to post pictures, and maybe a little ranting about things that annoy me every now and then. Still, it wasn't shaping up to be what I wanted it to be. At times I tried to jump on the social and commercial bandwagon, posting about thing that would interest some people, so that they'd leave a comment or something. But that's not the case now. Priorities have changed, I'm planning to do something else now. Of course the pictures will continue, but the rest will change quite a bit.

First of all I'll be making a proper sitemap so I can index everything there is to see around here, because there is lots around here which many of you, if there are any, have not gotten around to seeing. There's just a few links in the navigation, but there's tons more to see. All the textpattern templates and other stuff I've created will be properly indexed, as I recieve quite a few emails from people trying to find them. They all are linked to the old domain on which I hosted earlier.

I'll get around to writing about the complete change when it's done. Have fun!


The photoblog will be updated regularly during this transition, so keep checking!

This page like most others is under construction and has lots more to be added, but the author might have been sleepy or had something other to do at the time, leaving this page in a state of semi-nakedness. Inconvenience is regretted.

Please ignore spelling or grammatical errors, I can do better. No Really.



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