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watchtheworld:Shrine of Baba Deep Singh Ji
Shrine of Baba Deep Singh Ji

Shrine of Baba Deep Singh Ji

Close to the southern entrance, there is, in the Parkarma, a semi-circular stepped marble podium with a donation box attached to it. This structure is known as the the shrine of Baba Deep Singh ji, which commemorates his unique sacrifice for the Panth. Baba Deep Singh ji, the founder of the Shahid misl and the Damdama School of Sikh Learning, laid his life defending the Holy Temple from the intruding forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali led by one of his generals, Jahan Khan. It was near Ramsar that the forces of Baba Deep Singh and Jahan Khan confronted. The Sikh forces fought with unique valor but could not prevail over the intruder. Baba Deep Singh Ji’s head had been severed, but he held it in his left arm and, wielding his khanda with his right, chased the intruders and attained shaheedi on this spot.
Information from here.

This is a two shot vertical panorama. Taken at Amritsar, Punjab.

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