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What is the world coming to?

I just don’t get it why people cannot be nice to each other. A blog I read mentions ‘Being nice is no longer cool’. I would perfectly understand if someone with a traumatic childhood or with a simialr story said that, but why would any normal person have a problem with being nice?

This afternoon, I accidentally sent a mail to everyone in my address book about some service I wanted my friends to join. I had planned to send a bcc to everyone, but it slipped my mind. The author of the very same blog I mentioned above emailed me:

Kindly take me off your address book in Gmail. I don’t like my email
exposed to around 1000 other members on your address book whenever you join some crap service on the net.

Fair enough I thought, after all it was my fault. I imed him on yahoo, apologized and pointed out that he could have been polite.
To which his reply was:
i was a lot polite
u have not see my angry mails to people who do things like this

I have not altered his statement, the arrangement of words seems to work nicely. You jump to your own conclusions.

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