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USE Wordpress!

I have finally found some use for wordpress!
I think you know about my various ‘forays’ into the Wordpress world but they were short lived. I’m not a Wordpress person if that’s what you want to hear, there I said it up front. But I can use it nonetheless, you know USE it. Like people use other people to do their dirty work. :)

Know where I’m getting at? Textpattern, which I love dearly, doesn’t have an XML-RPC interface, sure there are various plugins, etc. But I don’t think I’ll be using them, besides they’re not properly supported and version conflicts are pthooey.

I’ll be using the Wordpress XML-RPC interface to fetch stuff from certain places, and then I’ll use some rss fetcher plugin to pull the stuff into textpattern to be displayed.

Dint get it? I’m a lousy writer and this is a lousy idea anyway.

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