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Don’t be surprised if you see a link for gay watches or something on my website. After a lot of thinking and what not, I signed up for Google Ads a couple of days ago. I received and email telling me I was ready to go today. After implementing them on the pages here, I must say they look very ugly. I’m sure there are lots of hacks, etc available, but all Google gives you is the option to change the colors. Would it be that hard to allow users to change maybe the font size as well?

Enough of the ranting, it’s not even 9AM right now! I’d be grateful if you could provide feedback on whether I should keep the ads, because they are by no means permanent, I’m just testing them right now. You might just see them gone, the next time you visit because I can’t bear the ugliness.

Now a question for some of you who know a thing or two about them, how do I set the background color of the ads to transparent?

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