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The Internet is not helping me

This is the third post in a single day, mostly this website doesn’t have anything new for weeks at a stretch except for pictures I upload regularly at the grid.

Look over at a few posts below this one, and you’ll find an entry aptly titled, ‘Reading’ wherein I vowed to take up on reading like i used to before. Well what is the single most prominent thing reading brings upon you? You read about far off places, where you haven’t ever been, and the mind can only imagine up to a certain extent, and your imagination is directly proportional to what you’re aware of.

Today, reading through Civilization One, it pissed me off to think about the authors visiting places, any other person like me would love to visit. But hey, it’s their ‘job’. I feel something will happen to me, before I get to visit all the places I want to go to. But then again, I console myself thinking, I’m young and currently in college, and I’ll have ample time to do all these things that are just as important to me.

In this internet age, it has become exceedingly easy to loose hope ever so quickly. People my age are out there! People my age have seen the world, and they have their pictures up on Flickr! to prove it. Without this ‘boon’ they call the internet I would have been sitting so much happier right now thinking inside the box, just about myself and the things I could do.



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