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I just got around to trying simplelog, after I noticed many people using it. It’s great! I love the admin interface and the way how pages are implemented. Everything is nice and simple, and it took me little or no time to have it up or running, considering this is the first RoR app I’ve installed myself. I tried mephisto before but had trouble insalling it, so I had to take help from the dreamhost crew to get it installed, and now I don’t remember if I liked it or not.

Also the theme system seems pretty nice and simple, I din’t have much trouble wrapping my head around it, or atleast that’s what I think for now. It seems straightforward enough, maybe I’ll take a look at some themes available for simplelog on the internet.

The one thing that seems limiting is that it doesn’t support site sections or different blogs. It just has one section and categories. I think this was a major deciding factor for me, as I have quite a number of different things running with textpattern. Maybe they’ll add that in a future release?

All that said and done, not that my opinion matters, I still have not found anything better and more suitable for me than textpattern. It has everything and then some. It’s just that at times my fingers do get a little tingly after seen some shiny interface in a new app. Remember Symphony ?

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