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I’m feeling very open source-ey today, so I thought I’d share something with the community.

I’ll be releasing a theme for zenphonto, based on the theme which I currently have on the grid. Also I was thinking of doing this template which you see before you for textpattern. I did Lime Rind about an year back, I think, and I got a nice response. And here’s something if you dint already notice, this website too is based on the original Lime Rind template!

I do not mean to leave you here waiting, I’m quite glad I actually have a few people that do visit here, for one reason of the other, and this will be a small thank you from me. I cannot commit on an exact date, I’ve done so in the past and things haven’t gone as planned, but this I can assure you I’ll be releasing both these things I just mentioned veeeeery soon.

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