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Scrapping Woes

Am I the only one who thinks scrapping is extremely lame and it gets old very quickly? It’s tiresome to be frank.
I get pressured into ‘scrapping’ stuff like, “Hi, what’s up?” even though I met the person 2 hours ago. It seems like some sort of the competition between my friends with who has the most scraps, and people get pissed if you haven’t ‘scrapped’ them, like you’ve walked off without saying hi or something. Interestingly, every couple of days I check my scrapbook to find people sending me stuff like “Gud Mornin’ M8”, “Are you coming to college today” and “What are you doing?”. Others include party invitations and notices. It’s irritating and if you you scrap your friends and miss out on someone, it’s like you’re cheating on that person.

A few people I know scrap girls stuff like, “Hi you’re hot, and I want to be your friend”, of-course the language is more rustic and hornier(?) but you get the idea. I fail to understand how peeps think it’s that easy to hook up with a chick online who has somebody else’s pictures in her profile and has about a dozen guys drooling all over her scrapbook trying to impress her with their online pickup lines, sort of.

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