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I was reading this article about dvd rental companies in India and this reminds me of something I thought of not too long ago.

At first, it seems feasible and all that, but once you actually get to using these services it’s not that pretty. Signing up for an unlimited rental service is a waste. Not many of us can get to watching more than 4-5 movies in a month with everything else that needs to be done.

The saddest part of this is the movies you really want are not available with these services, they usually stock up on bollywood flicks and only the mainstream hollywood flicks every Amar, Akbar & Anthony have heard about. The local pirated dvd shop has a better collection and you can buy dvds for the price it would take to rent one. What these companies have working in their favour is the common misconception that pirated dvds don’t offer the same quality as the original ones, but if you know where and what to look for and you can live without the extras there isn’t really much difference. Of-course I’m not talking about 3-4 movies crammed on one disc, but those too are alright keeping in mind most of us have standard CRT TVs at home.

Game rental services would be a different story though, I’d love to be able to try out games before I buy them for exorbitant prices and hate myself later. I want buy a game console the day it comes out without needing to worry about modchips or firmware hacks, knowing that I’d be able to rent games for reasonable prices. Besides the gaming scene has caught on big in India, and I was surprised to see the xbox 360 launch officially in India (though I was saddened by their choice of brand ambassadors). The console seems to priced ok, but the game prices are sky high and that too with for bunch of old games.

No one really likes to mod their consoles and be banned for life from online services if they can just rent games. And as far as I’m concerned the excitement usually wears off after a few days and in most cases the games just lie around gathering dust. So this way both the customers and the companies stay happy as it doesn’t really put an end to piracy but it sure makes a difference.



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