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Permanent Change

The change is in progress, this time it’s be permanent, and I’ll be focusing more on content hereafter, but like I have already mentioned in the about and readme sections, this website may no longer be of much interest to you, but like always it’ll always be nice to see some people around.

The design is very simple, but I’m very much liking it. I’m a big fan of complex layouts with lots of columns etc, but this is different, originally thought out to be a single column layout, I eventually got around to adding a small column on the left to display stuff like the tumblelog, etc.

You won’t see this design change for quite some time now. As for what’s pending, the map needs to be done and I’ll be unifying the look across all pages, except for maybe the photoblog section as the design there is simple and it helps the viewer focus more on the picture like it should.

I’m not brave enough to say what you see from this point on is permanent, but I’m pretty sure I’m happy with what I want to do with this website from this point on. You may see something new in the future, but for now this is all I need.

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