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People Second

I have been meaning to write this since some time now. Besides, I too experienced the ‘Waiting for Broadband’ bit. You know what? I’m glad it happened, I needed that, it made me learn to ‘adjust’ and made me stronger. My patience threshold is at all time high. Thank you all the folks at BSNL, Mohali.

Don’t take what I just mentioned seriously, the experience totally sucked, I was being sarcastic. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taught to accept certain things like you can’t change the system. You have to ‘adjust’. When I got around to seeing Rang De Basanti, I was changed for a few days, I looked at various things differently. Like how we were as responsible as anybody else. Though the shiny new mindset got rusty after a few days. I even talked to my friends about it, how we should change things for the better and all that you usually only see in the movies. The initial response was that I had gone crazy, and that I shouldn’t get too sentimental, because the pilot in the movie did not really die, it was just a movie. So yeah I forced myself into thinking, maybe I was thinking irrationally. Let the people responsible do their job, or if they choose to they can skip doing it all together. Who cares, right?

Somewhere deep down I still do. But I don’t see things changing, unless each and everyone of us feels the same way.
Now what I’ve rambled about for two paragraphs may not really have any effect on you. I know the post starts out as another waiting eons for broadband rant and ends up as something else. Try re-reading, to really get what I mean.

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