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On Duty

I haven’t played a game without switching to another after playing the first one for more than fifteen minutes. I used to play a lot, lost track of time, missed classes, the whole deal.

Lately, though I’ve had trouble focussing, no game managed ‘pull me in’. Even Neverwinter Nights 2, which is the long awaited to sequel to Neverwinter Nights, a game I played so much I think my Pc will vomit if I install it again. It was a sort of addiction, the Single Player campaign was good, but the real fun was in online multiplayer in persistant worlds. We even built a small module for the online community.

I want to have all that so bad, but I can’t seem to. I thought this was a part of the growing up process, maybe I was wrong. All of that telling my parents, that all games are not for kids, was not true. But I want to play so bad, I want to have fun ,careless fun, without having to wrry that a bullet might actually kill you.

Even with the Xbox 360, I buy a lot of games, by a lot I mean 90% of what I find, I buy. But I spend more time switching discs than I actually spend playing. All that changed last week. I played Call of Duty 3 and I was hooked fro the start, I’ve played more than half way through, and I loved every moment. Now I find myself playing for like fifteen minute intervals because I’m afraid the game will end a little too quickly and I might not have anything else to play.

I’m reading up on game reviews of the games I already own, trying hard to build some interest, so I might actually get around to playing them and not just stacking them. I like them Gamespot video reviews, Greg Kasvin(?) and the others have convinced me quite a few of the games I own are excellent. So yeah, after CoD3, I’ll go around to playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, which I hear is an excellent games, if only a bit short. Also Perfect Dark Zero, which I’ve not spent more than five minutes in all playing is waiting to be tried again.

I’m off to play now, cya!

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