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How & Why

I’ve not even come close to reading a book since I joined college. I used to read a lot, nothing very particular, just anything interesting I could get my hands on. It was mostly Fiction, and I kind of feel sorry it was. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Fiction, but I kind of think it’s a waste. I don’t really remember anything about half of the stuff I’ve read.

Lately, I’ve been interested in them ‘how and why’ books, and I picked up a couple of them a few months ago. One of them was Civilization One, and while it seemed interesting at first, after the first 60 pages or so, I realized I had misjudged what the book was about. It was too fixated on just one topic, I had figured it would be about something more than just try to prove the earth rotated 366 degrees etc.

I bought Bill Bryson’s, A Short History of Nearly Everything, a month ago. I hadn’t heard about it or anything, but it seemed interesting, and I’ve enjoyed reading and re-reading Bill Bryson in the past, some paragraphs from Notes from a Big Country and A Walk in the Woods are still etched in my mind, I kind of chuckle when I remember them.

A Short History…() might not exacly be reading, conventionally. It’s more like a magazine or a newspaper, if you will. You cannot read it any order, but you can read it in short chunks, and be able to put it down for later. I have already gone through the whole thing about 20 times, looking at pictures (I have the hardcover illustrated edition) and reading facts.

Oh well, I’m just about to begin reading now, and only time will tell whether I’ll really go through it all or leave it to gather dust like all the other ones, which I intend to read but don’t really get the time to.

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