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First Time on the Internet

The internet is great and now that we have it I can’t imagine life without it. Having nothing much to do, I was thinking about the first site I visited when I finally after years of reading about the internet in technology magazines and seeing tiny screen captures of netscape having the Yahoo! page opened inside, I finally had the internet right there with me.

It was an exciting experience, the ISP was VSNL, and you had to dial an STD number to Jalandhar to connect. So it worked out to be pretty expensive for an average person. I vividly remember the guy who installed it went by the name Sukhwinder and worked for the telephone company, I’d like to think of him as the pioneer of the internet in the my hometown, Malout.

The first site we visited was the default ISP site, obviously. He asked me to change my password, we had a 100-hour account, it was pretty expensive too but dialing all the way to Jalandhar was even more expensive.

With him gone, and the information highway at my disposal, the first site I opened was, not that I had any idea what Netscape was or maybe I had something to do there, but just because I like I mentioned earlier that site was unforgettable in my mind, thanks to the countless netscape navigator related screenies in the PC Quest magazine. Next up was Yahoo! and I signed up for free mail, with the id angad_cute, which again has a story to it, but I’ll save that for later.

So there you have it, that was my first time on the internet, and it’s still feels like only yesterday I sat there on my PC not knowing what to expect.

What was your first time like? Write about it on your blog and send me a link back!

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