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First Post Redux

Here and back again, eh?
This is starting to feel clichéd. Anyways, here goes another attempt to redo the site. But not just the design this time, I’m trying something different this time around. Like I mentioned before pulling down the photoblog, the focus will be more on text this time. You know writing and all that, even though I can’t come up with a single reason why someone in his/her right mind would come here and read what I have to say on things. I’ve been real busy this semester and I really haven’t had time to step out with my camera, so I decided to put the photoblog on-hold. Don’t worry the pictures have been safely put away and will be made available as soon as I have the time to set that up.

The first entry on this page, and I’m already running out of stuff to write. I’d suggest you’d be better off crossing your fingers and expect to see new stuff up here regularly. I for one will try to keep up this time though that sounds awfully clichéd as well. ;)

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