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If you did not notice or haven’t read the tumblelog, I switched from Lucida Grande to Helvetica for the default font of this website. Everything looked so much better, and I regretted not doing this earlier. I made a commitment to myself to use this one from this point on, until I happened to look at my website in Opera after a few minor tweaks to the design.

This is a screen capture of how the website looks in Firefox, and how I intend it to look:
Firefox Screencap

This is how it looks in Opera, unfortunately:
Opera Screencap

Now this revelation will have me pointing out why can’t we just have one common browser that just works, why do we need so many browsers? Why can’t all the companies get together and amek one perfect browser. It’ll save so many designers time and energy, not having to add extra code, etc just to make the website look normal in each browser.

I maybe wrong, maybe it’s about freedom of choice, competition is good and all that. What do you think?

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