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D vs. D

I don’t usually go to movies. I don’t really bother, I prefer watching them at home when the DVD comes out. A lot of my friends pressurized me on watching Dhoom 2, which I would have if it was any other movie, I’ve heard good things and bad things, but it really depends on who you ask. My action loving, very easily impressed loved it, they loved the action sequences which many tell me weren’t really need and had no relevance in the movie.

They talked about “the scene’ which Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan faced court action over, because it was too obscene(?). I think not. The lawyer actually was so embarrassed by the lousy kissing, he did not want the international community making fun of Indian cinema all the more, so he filed the case and demanded the scene to be removed. So there you are, our nation will not be subject to mockery just because a few bad actors can’t kiss well, what do you think?

Coming back to what I was talking about. People really dislike my dislike for Bollywood flicks. I personally have nothing against Bollywood, and I have been fooled into going and watching a hindi movie many times, but the experience has been saddening. Instead of looking at the screen, I’m look over at my friends looking at the screen, hoping and praying they’ll find the movie crap so that we can just get up and leave. Alright, which was the last Hindi movie I liked? Hmm.. let’s see, I liked Sarkar, but then again it was based on The Godfather, I’m not saying it was copied, but still. I liked Omkara, but I had a tough time understanding the dialogue at places, but that’s my fault. I liked Black, the actors were great and all that, but I’m tired of seeing Amitabh Bachchan in every movie. One movie I really really liked this year was Khosla ka Ghosla, I loved the fact that it was so different, it was based on a thing all of us have experienced or are likely to. It was not packaged to be a blockbuster or anything, it was not meant to make big money, but it did okay, I think.

I know I can’t justify my case enough, but go over and look at the movies on the other side, I think we need to focus on making good cinema rather than just please the audiences and shoot movies in New York with Shah Rukh Khan. I fail to understand how the audience is fooled into seeing every movie, half knowing it’ll be no different that the last one.

Lastly, about the title, it stands for Dhoom 2 vs. The Departed, I’ve posted comments on many bloggers’ websites, who have seen Dhoom 2, asking them how on earth did they choose Dhoom 2 over a Martin Scorsese movie ?!?

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