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Burning aliases on a Mac

I though OS X had this real annoying bit, where when you dragged stuff into a new cd/dvd to be burned it would create aliases instead of copying over the files to that folder, so I had copy and paste the stuff into that folder. I was a windows boy, so the points were to windows, because at least it copied the files straight away when you dragged them.

To tell the truth, I was never brave enough to burn a cd just to find out. My thoughts were confirmed when I came across this hilarious mac ad spoof .

All was well, I was over this sad little feature until yesterday. I was getting my occasional dose of tips from the apple website when I came over this. Holy fucking crapcakes, I thought, I had been wrong all along. It actually gets the original files and burns those to disk, so you don’t have to worry about having a CD full of aliases pointing to files you no longer have! So why all the aliases in the first place? Because it points to your files (rather than copying them into the folder), which makes burning discs much faster.

No that’s what I call convenient. You’re definitely the best OS X! :)

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