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About the Zune

I’ve been hearing and reading about Microsoft’s new digital music player, “Zune” for a few days and with all the Zune bashing going on at certain places I seem to find it quite nice actually. I know it’s no iPod and all that, and you can know only so much about something unless you’re actually using it.

In the looks department, the iPod is sleeker, smaller and lighter, but the Zune isn’t too bad either. There’s only so much difference between the two and a few grams and millimeters don’t make much of a difference to me. The screen is bigger and the interface is a refreshing change. The iPod interface has started feeling oddly suffocating, yep that’s right I can’t think of any other word. It’s not fun anymore. Also as you may already know, it has FM Radio and Wireless Sharing, which lets you send songs to your friends BUT the Zune erases the song after three days or the third playback, whichever comes first. Still pretty ok, as my friends at college swap songs with each other through their bluetooth enabled phones.

With Zune being designed by the team behind the xbox 360, I was wondering about what could do with the Zune on 360, until I read this on Engadget

It’s also worth mentioning that the only music the Zune software will stream off your PC is music you downloaded from the Zune marketplace. Try as we did, all the music we imported into the library on our host machine just wouldn’t even show up in the Zune Xbox 360 share. It was at this point we were beginning to wonder when Microsoft was going to really nail something with this player.

Now that’s sad. And what’s even worse is the Zune has no Mac support as of now. Let’s leave it that. As much as I or anybody else will want to get the Zune knowing you cannot use it with your Mac will scare away potential buyers.

Lastly, something interesting I found on The Seattle Times that it has the phrase “Hello from Seattle” on the back. An inside joke? Or is it just them copying what Apple has been doing by printing “Designed in California” on their products?
To each his own…

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