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has not changed for quite some time now

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mindsink v1.1

mindsink v1.1 from apsk121 on Vimeo.

This is a video featuring the design & interface effect of my tumblr as on 18th January 08.
You can check it out at: mindsink
I used highslide for the popup effects.

I’m putting this here mainly for archival purposes, so that I can come back and have a look long after the page has been redesigned or whatever.

Fri Jan 18, 02:07 AM


As of now the Macworld keynote is in… 17 hours, 21 min, 39 sec.

There are lots of rumours and atleast one of them will turn out to be true, especially that MacBook Air everyone’s talking about, I think those adium usage logs are pretty convincing evidence.

The sad part, for me atleast is I haven’t heard any rumours about the update to the Mac Mini, that was something I was really looking forward to and I haven’t upgraded my desktop for the past one and a half years hoping that I would replace it with a Macintosh computer.

But still, I have my fingers crossed!

Mon Jan 14, 03:05 PM


I’ve moved over here for my written stuff and random posting. The photoblog and everything else stays. but will be getting a major revamp as soon as I get back home.

How do you like the design?

Sat Jan 12, 05:47 PM Comment [1]

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