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The Website

watchtheworld has changed recently. Read this and this.

This is my personal website. It is a time machine of sorts. Although it isn't that old, but it will be at some point of time.

This website was named 'watchtheworld' mainly because it was originally meant to be a photoblog, if you still don't get it, consider drowning yourself. The title did not just pop up in my head one fine day, it was actually a song by Boxcar Racer. I loved that song and so here we are.

If you've been here since the beginning, it's high time you noticed there isn't much to see or do here. It is mine. It's like a garden of sorts to me, so like I said you may not find much that interests you but it's always nice to have somebody drop in time and again.

You might want to take a look at the Readme also.

About the author

Angad Kingra, is currently a Computer Science Engineering student @ Rayat & Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology.

He currently resides in Chandigarh, India living in an untidy apartment all by himself. He loves to play around with code, and all of what you see is here because he decided to put it here.

He lives on Cup Noodles and Pizza.
There'd be more pictures of his dogs Rusty & Bruso if only they were living with him.

He is not a professional.

He would like to loose some weight.

What he listens to can be found on his account and what he finds interesting can be found at links page.

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CMS & Plugins

Proudly powered by Textpattern, the best content management system I've ever come across. I have come across many, just so you know. I'll do a full writeup on my textpattern story soon.

This website uses wet_slimpattern which integrates Textpattern with SlimStat, an open source web statistics package developed by Stephen Wettone.

This page is currently incomplete. Please check back soon.