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watchtheworld: Work In Progress

I love the look!!! To be honest I was gonna do something like this, but umm I guess I gotta go back to the drawing board :P…
But I really am loving the whole look of the blog! Keep it up!
Also why you picking a random image ? try picking the most recent photograph!
P.S Now I want a camera :P

Rohit | 01/01/2007 02:37 PM | #

Yup, the homepage will feature the most recent images, but the individual article pages will feature random images. I was just trying out the random article fetcher thingie.
Glad you like the look, and you should definitely get a camera too!

Angad | 01/01/2007 02:51 PM | #

hey nice shot to start the year,
the new design is very effective,good job…!
happy new year…!
your exams still on?

shiv | 01/02/2007 11:48 AM | #