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watchtheworld: Xbox 360 in India

The thing is Angad … they can lower the prices of the games and earn less . I won’t say less they would still earn the same . Because lower the price more the sales. But then now the scenario is changing . Nothing ot add up with the encryption or any sort of things . Gamers these days no longer just stick to there PC’s to play games offline . The gaming scenario now is totally different from what it used to be years ago. See the thing is buying a video game for say something like 30 rs from palika bazar or say whatever cheap price you get it in would still not give the exact fun like what it would be if you would have bought an original one. Because internet speeds getting cheaper and cheaper everyday the gaming world is going online now so with that prespective once in while when you start playing a game that you have bought from a pirated shop you don’t actually get to play online with that . You can go on playing offline as long as you like it. But to have the real fun you need to get the original copy and so far there hasn’t been any crack for the pirated games working online too . So till the time they get hold of this trick the gaming world has come with … it’s there time to earn. Because no wonder you bring the price down … you can never beat someone who’s selling cd’s in a bag or say anything to that matter. Take some of the big games of today … they all are worth only if you play online … Age of Empires was one of the games I bought years ago and I have played that say sometimes continuous for a couple of days … and then ther was a moment when I got bored of it … and wanted to extend the experience … so i went and bought an original one with my key to log in online … and that was what actually was the main thing …So the gaming scenario is as whole changing these days … and no wonder sooner or later you will find professional gamers in country like india too … where you will paid to play …

Neil | 12/13/2006 04:50 PM | #

You’re right Neil. But even today most people have no idea about the online gaming scene and the maximum they’ve done is played splitscreen. And it isn’t like the Xbox live service is free, you have to pay for it. The same cannot be said for the PS3 online service though, I hear it’s free.

Angad | 12/13/2006 05:08 PM | #

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