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watchtheworld: Life at my own pace

That’s a glorious layered landscape view you have there. Excellent colors and hazy atmosphere.

AG | 06/12/2006 12:48 AM | #

Wouuldn’t we all; I found a spot over the weekend that would make a nice place to settle…

garyx | 06/12/2006 02:10 PM | #

Me too! What a lovely soft view. Very relaxing, just like I hope retirement will one day be.

ROB | 06/12/2006 02:22 PM | #

Wow!What a view : the mist effect is fantastic!
If I had to judge the shot, I’d say spot metering maybe could help so that you can see those really cool clouds better.

Azhar | 06/12/2006 05:05 PM | #

This is the view from my grandparents’ house. They lived their life on the plains and now live here after retirement.

Angad | 06/13/2006 09:56 AM | #

o its just awesome..
n d wording is very much true..

Anmol Sandhu | 08/27/2009 11:12 PM | #

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